Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our week!

I'm headed to Florida today for a week in the sun with my Dad, Vicki and my sister and her family.  I'm sad to be leaving my own family for a week but I'm thrilled to go away and spend some much needed time with them!  

Here are some pics from my week..

I'm teaching a strength training class at the Y!  I love strength training and I'm thrilled to be teaching it this session along with my two aqua classes.
Brock's basketball team are selling these shirts.  Aren't they cute?  He's on the top row, right hand side.  

Speaking of basketball here is a picture from Ava's game last week.  She's loves, loves, loves playing and I'm happy to see her so happy!
It's been below 0 for a few days this week.  We spent lots of time at home snuggled on the couch.

Yesterday my friends surprised me with a birthday lunch.  My birthday is next week and I have a party planned when I get back from Florida so I was really shocked yesterday!

They got me a kitchen aid mixer!  I am so, so thrilled and I couldn't have been more surprised!  I can't wait to start using it.  

I'm off to get ready for my trip!  Have a nice weekend!!  xoxoxo