Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cooking Class!

Thursday  night my friend Jenn and I went to Albany to go to a cooking class.  The class was on bistro breads.  We went to part one last month and this month was part two.  We learned how to make bistro breads.  They are delicious and easy to make :-) 

Before class we had an quick dinner at Our Daily Bread.
It was amazing!  I got the bread salad and it was delicious!


Jenn's daughter Katie met us at class.  She is a teacher and lives in Albany.  Thursday was her birthday and she wanted to go with us to the clsss which was so fun!

We got her some cupcakes to celebrate!


We learned to make two different kinds of bistro bread-club rolls and tomato basil bread.  Both were delicious!


These were the club rolls-they were so good!  


At the class we got a recipe booklet with the recipes to take home.


After baking the breads and stuffing ourselves silly eating the bread we took a group picture :-). 


It was a great night!