Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Freshman homecoming!

September flew by for us!   Everything was SO busy that I didn't have a second to post.  I hope to post some pictures soon about our busy September.

Last weekend our Ava went to her very first homecoming  dance!  All of her friends plus their parents came over to our house to get ready for the dance.  It was so fun and I loved having them all over at our house to get ready!

The afternoon before the dance there was a football game.  Our team won 60-0!  All the girls went to the game to cheer on our team.  


After the game we went back to our house so the girls could eat and get ready for the dance.  We had 14 girls total at our house so it was a big group:-). We put extra mirrors in Ava's room in the attic and it worked perfectly for them all to get ready for the dance.  

Here is Ava ready to go!  We got her dress at Macy's.  She  loved it because it was confortable and flowy.


After the girls got ready the picture taking started!  Freshman girls LOVE their pictures.  




At 7pm the boys came over for pictures.


Ava went with her friend since birth Jacob which was so sweet.  They had a great time together.  


Jake's mom sent me this collage of the kids through the years which I thought was adorable  ❤️


Grandma Jan and Auntie Anne were also at our house for  pictures.  




To totally embarrass all the kids we took a parent picture ;) 

One last picture before heading off to the dance.


 It was a blast having all the kids over and Ava had a great night.  I think she had a perfect first homecoming night.