Thursday, October 13, 2016

Summer 2016 recap part 1

Summer is my FAVORITE time of year and this year we had a ton of fun so I thought I would recap favorite summer moments.  We had so much fun this summer I had to break this into 2 parts because there are!   

We started our summer at Amy and Dave's annual Memorial Day party at their lake.  It was a blast as always!  


Ava (at  the end in tank top) with her friends at the Memorial Day party. 


Bestie Sabrina and I went out in the tubes.  It was so fun! 


Ava went with the Spanish club to NYC. 


My bestie Sabrina and I went to Rhinebeck for the Country Living Fair!


Ava went in her 7th grade trip to Six Flags!


Brock came home from college and played in a summer basketball league.


My bestie Stephanie got a boat.  I love when I can spend afternoons on the lake!  


Bestie Rachael and I had our June craft night-body scrubs.


Our Ava graduated from 8th grade.


I did a color run in Cooperstown.  It was great!  


Annnnnddddd Ava finally got her braces off!


That's our summer memories through June.  It was so fun going through all these pictures.  I'll post the rest of our summer recap in a few days.

I hope you enjoy this last weekend of summer!