Sunday, October 30, 2016

Passport Fair

 Ava really wants to study abroad next year.  She worked hard and submitted her application and passed her first interview.  We are so proud of her!!!  Saturday we went with her to an event called passport exchange where she got to meet study abroad students from thr countries where she could be placed.  She also talked to students from our area who were studied abroad last year.  

It was a great event and very well organized!  Each country had an information table and we walked around and visited each of the tables. 

 Her friend L is going through the study abroad interview process too so she came with us as we "toured" around the world.  I took pictures with a few of the students from the different countries.  The students were fabulous and we learned so much about each country.  

Poland-this country is Ava's 2nd choice behind Denmark! 








It was a great afternoon and we all learned so much.  We are thrilled Ava is trying to study abroad.  We think it will be a great experience for her!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

October craft night

Friday Rachael and I had our monthly craft night.  This month we made pumpkin floral centerpieces. We got both white and orange pumpkins so people could choose which one they liked best.

We had lots of flowers, branches, succulents, and moss for people to decorate with.


Here is one of our tables all set up and ready to go!


Here is Rachael with two of our friends hard and work on their pumpkins. 





Before everyone left we took a group picture.


And we took more pictures because they are fun ;)


Here are some finished projects.


It was a great night!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cooking Class!

Thursday  night my friend Jenn and I went to Albany to go to a cooking class.  The class was on bistro breads.  We went to part one last month and this month was part two.  We learned how to make bistro breads.  They are delicious and easy to make :-) 

Before class we had an quick dinner at Our Daily Bread.
It was amazing!  I got the bread salad and it was delicious!


Jenn's daughter Katie met us at class.  She is a teacher and lives in Albany.  Thursday was her birthday and she wanted to go with us to the clsss which was so fun!

We got her some cupcakes to celebrate!


We learned to make two different kinds of bistro bread-club rolls and tomato basil bread.  Both were delicious!


These were the club rolls-they were so good!  


At the class we got a recipe booklet with the recipes to take home.


After baking the breads and stuffing ourselves silly eating the bread we took a group picture :-). 


It was a great night!

Summer 2016 recap part 1

Summer is my FAVORITE time of year and this year we had a ton of fun so I thought I would recap favorite summer moments.  We had so much fun this summer I had to break this into 2 parts because there are!   

We started our summer at Amy and Dave's annual Memorial Day party at their lake.  It was a blast as always!  


Ava (at  the end in tank top) with her friends at the Memorial Day party. 


Bestie Sabrina and I went out in the tubes.  It was so fun! 


Ava went with the Spanish club to NYC. 


My bestie Sabrina and I went to Rhinebeck for the Country Living Fair!


Ava went in her 7th grade trip to Six Flags!


Brock came home from college and played in a summer basketball league.


My bestie Stephanie got a boat.  I love when I can spend afternoons on the lake!  


Bestie Rachael and I had our June craft night-body scrubs.


Our Ava graduated from 8th grade.


I did a color run in Cooperstown.  It was great!  


Annnnnddddd Ava finally got her braces off!


That's our summer memories through June.  It was so fun going through all these pictures.  I'll post the rest of our summer recap in a few days.

I hope you enjoy this last weekend of summer!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Freshman homecoming!

September flew by for us!   Everything was SO busy that I didn't have a second to post.  I hope to post some pictures soon about our busy September.

Last weekend our Ava went to her very first homecoming  dance!  All of her friends plus their parents came over to our house to get ready for the dance.  It was so fun and I loved having them all over at our house to get ready!

The afternoon before the dance there was a football game.  Our team won 60-0!  All the girls went to the game to cheer on our team.  


After the game we went back to our house so the girls could eat and get ready for the dance.  We had 14 girls total at our house so it was a big group:-). We put extra mirrors in Ava's room in the attic and it worked perfectly for them all to get ready for the dance.  

Here is Ava ready to go!  We got her dress at Macy's.  She  loved it because it was confortable and flowy.


After the girls got ready the picture taking started!  Freshman girls LOVE their pictures.  




At 7pm the boys came over for pictures.


Ava went with her friend since birth Jacob which was so sweet.  They had a great time together.  


Jake's mom sent me this collage of the kids through the years which I thought was adorable  ❤️


Grandma Jan and Auntie Anne were also at our house for  pictures.  




To totally embarrass all the kids we took a parent picture ;) 

One last picture before heading off to the dance.


 It was a blast having all the kids over and Ava had a great night.  I think she had a perfect first homecoming night.