Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brock's best day

Today the new modern warfare game was released.  Millions of teenage boys raced to the store to get their hands on this new game.

  According to the girl that check us out, at midnight our Wally World had a huge line to buy this game.  Thankfully Brock and I went at 6:30 this morning and there was no line. We make him buy all of his own video games so he used his hard earned  paper route money to buy this game. 

Here is us in the parking lot (no I wasn't showered or ready to go to work but I did make it on time!).  Brock is looking so embarrassed! I told him I wanted a few pics for the blog-ha ha!

I also took a picture of him by the MW display.  He told me that he wish that everyone who reads this blog could see what he is saying before the picture was taken.  It goes like this:

me-Brock smile I want a nice picture of you
Brock-Mom you are SO embarrassing who takes pictures at Wal Mart
me-Brock you had better smile or I am not getting this game for you and we are not going out to breakfast
Brock-Fine take ONE and only ONE.  If it's not good we're not taking another one
me-if I don't get a good picture we are not leaving this store

He has to be at school at 7:30 so after we got his game we went to breakfast at McD.  We both got pancakes they were delish.

I'm sure we won't see him at all tonight because he'll be playing his new game!


Michelle said...

What a fun memory! He is a sweet boy!