Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot Dog!

This weekend has been SO busy!  I had to work on Friday evening and all day yesterday.  I coordinate a leadership development conference every year  for freshman and sophomore students and the conference was this weekend.  I have been working on planning this conference since August and it's always fun to plan but I'm SO glad it's over!  I was SO tired last night when I got home and today after church and Sunday school I have been getting things done so we are ready for the week.

Here is a picture of all the students at the conference.

A picture of Ava from Halloween  was featured this week in our campus newspaper and on our College website. A student photographer snapped this picture during the Halloween carnival before Trick or Treating on campus.She tucked her hands inside her costume so she looked like a real hot dog-ha ha!

Tonight I am going to start reading this book that I bought a few weeks ago.  It's usually just our little family and Grandma Jan for Thanksgiving but I still want to make it a special meal for us.  I hope this book gives me lots of good ideas!