Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday randomness!

The week after Thanksgiving I have a conference for work in St. Louis so I'm going a few days before to spend some time with my family before the conference.  I'm going to see my Dad and Vicki and my sister Shelby and Ryan and their little Ainsley.  I told Ava that I wasn't going to spend too much time with my family since it's a work trip but she's still SO sad that she can't go with me.  She went up to bed while I was talking to my sister last night and I found this note :(

I love pinterest  and found a picture of a hot chocolate station for the kitchen. I thought it was a really cute idea so I made one for our kitchen tonight.  I think Brock and Ava are going to love it!

For the past few weeks Graig has been coughing and coughing and he has been really tired.  He hates going to the doctor and missing work so he thought he would get better after a few days.  Fast forward three weeks he's still coughing so this morning he FINALLY went to the doctor and he has bronchitis.  The doctor put him on three different medicines so I hope that he will be better soon.
Graig has been doing a lot of this for the past few weeks...he would NOT like this picture so I hope he doesn't read this blog post-ha ha! 

Our bookstore on campus has some cute hats and jewerly so I went and got some Christmas presents today and I got a few things for myself- this is a terrible iPhone picture but I love my new chevron hat!

Happy Thursday!