Monday, October 15, 2012

Babies, babies :)

It has been the week of the baby at our house!  My niece Ainsley turned 2, my nephew Gabe is visiting from Colorado and my friend Sara just had her first baby on 10/11/12.  Isn't that the best birthday? 

Last week was Ainsley's birthday.  I sent her a gift in this pink box.  My sister Shelby said that Ainsley loved the box and she kept wearing it on her head.  She texted this picture to me. 

Here is Ainsley opening up her card from us.  She is getting SO big I can't wait to see her at Christmas! 

Ainsley also got to eat Red Velvet ice cream on her birthday.  That sounds really good!  Obviously she enjoyed it :)

Graig's brother Garth and his wife Jill and their baby boy Gabe are visiting NY for a few weeks.  We are SO glad they are here.  Everyone loves Gabe!  Brock and Ava (and me!) fight over who gets to hold him.  We are going to spoil him while he is NY! 
Last week we went out to dinner at Brook's with him.  Isn't he the cutest baby?

Here he is on Brock's lap.  He has the sweetest blue eyes.  I want to kiss and hug him about 1000 more times before he goes back to Colorado!

My friend Sara had a baby boy Lachlan on last Thursday. Poor Sara was a week overdue.  We are SO happy that he is here and that he is healthy!

Sabrina, Melany and I went to visit Sara, Josh and Lachlan in the hospital on Saturday night.  He is such a good baby he just slept the whole time we were there and we just passed him around.  We also took some gifts and flowers home for Sara and Josh because they got so many things at the hospital. 

I loved holding that precious baby boy!