Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow storm!

Yesterday and today our little town was hit with a snow storm.  It was the largest one of this super warm winter.  Brock and Ava had a snow day today and I was glad because Ava's had the touch of the stomach bug and she was able to just relax and rest. 

This morning my friend Sabrina texted me to asked me to watch Eliza for a little bit because she had an appointment.  While we were there Ava laid down and they watched Toy Story 3.  That is such a sweet movie!

Sabrina got these baskets at the Dollar Tree we added some vinyl letters.  I think they are adorable!

We also made this cute wreath.  Ok really Sabrina made most of the wreath for me.  I love the spring colors!

Another thing that I love about spring are the fabulous scents at Bath and Body Works!  This one is my favorite!

I am thankful for our relaxing snow day and I'm looking forward to the SPRING!