Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday fun day!

I am SO happy it's Friday this has been the looooongest week at work.  I am ready for the weekend.  I thought I would show you some cute things I've done around our house.  Since it's for sale I haven't been doing very many projects but I've added a few things.  Obviously, we are trying to declutter so right now about 1/2 of my decor items are in storage :( 

I added a border to almost all of my pics on this post. I don't like it so I won't add it again-lol!

Last weekend I got a few mums at Home Depot.  These are by our side door and look great. Unfortunately the ones by our front door are almost dead :(  I think there is too much sun out front for them.  I am going to pick out a few more mums this weekend. 

I ordered some pillows for our dining room from etsy.  I love look of both patterns.  Of course I LOVE the chevron pattern but I like the other pattern I got just as much.  I think these cozy up the little bench/heater in our dining room. 

Right before we put our house on the market I added some empty frames to the wall above our couch in the sunroom.  People keep asking me if I took our family pictures out of these frames because our house is for sale.  Umm, no... I just like the look of
the frames.  The colors in this picture are a little off.  Our wall color is actually a light green color. 

I got this cute little fall owl at the Christmas Tree Shop.  Cuteness-I love him!

It hasn't been all work and running my kids around this week.  I have been doing some fall shopping online because we live in the middle of nowhere with no mall for miles. We actually have a teeny, tiny mall with a few stores but we have no "real" mall.      I got some cute cardigan sweaters at Target and then I ordered this coral necklace from Bridier Baubles.   The pic is from their website.  I have been wanting this for a few months and it has been out of stock.  I checked yesterday and it was back in stock and it shipped to me today!  It was only $20 with free shipping.  I can't wait to get it!

Tonight we don't have any plans (thank goodness!).  I feel like that never happens so I am making tacos and I got We bought a Zoo from Redbox and we are all going to have a low key night at home. 

Tomorrow and Sunday are busy days for us-Ava has a soccer game and Brock has baseball and we are going to a dinner tomorrow night for Graig's work so I am thankful that we can relax tonight.  Have a good weekend!


Michelle said...

Miss you guys! Love that necklace and the owl! You will love that movie! It is really cute!