Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ava on pointe!

Last week was watch week at Ava's ballet studio.  She is at the age where she HATES me to watch her dance.  She says it's embarrassing to have parents there and  that I make her nervous :(  I love watching her dance so I went anyway.  I had to go see her in pointe class.  Pointe is where you go up on your toes in ballet.  Her ballet teacher is very strict and she wants to make sure that the girls are ready and developed before they go on pointe because it could be bad for their little legs and feet if they aren't ready. I'm so thankful that she waits until they are ready to go on pointe. Ava is in the beginning pointe class this year and last week was the first time she went on pointe.  It was fun to get to see her in that class. 

Here is Ava going up for the first time :) 

Her teacher has them grip the bar until they are comfortable without it. 

Ava's teacher working with her feet. 
Ava's teacher is very strict and stern but she is a riot.  I am so glad that Ava finally "gets" her humor this year and isn't intimidated by her!  She told me that she loves her ballet teacher :)

In other big news Ava is starting to play basketball!  Graig is THRILLED!  He is going to be the coach of Ava's team and Ava's PaPa Larry is going to be the assistant coach.  Their basketball practices start next week :)  Happy weekend!


Michelle said...

Love these pictures! Ava is growing up so fast! Ballet & Basketball--she has diverse talents :)!