Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Plague and Pinterest

I have been SO sick for about a week. I think it's just a bad cold but I have been feeling pretty terrible.   Sunday was the worst I lost my voice and I was coughing and sneezing all day and I felt awful.  I watched TV, took naps and spent a lot of time on Pinterest.  That website is my biggest obsession right now.   If I had the time I could spend hours on that site looking up all kinds of things.

This site is great for getting ideas for fun, inexpensive Christmas presents.  I have been working on these fun coasters for Christmas. Actually I started them a long time ago and I need to finish them :).  The detailed tutorial and beautiful picture are from this blog. 

I adore the eighteen25blog.  They have SO many creative projects.  I really like these gift card holders for teacher and hostess gifts for the holidays. 

Here is another Christmas gift I want to try. It's from this blog that I am going to start to follow.   I think this is so cute and useful!  I think the red is cute but I might leave mine white instead of coloring it red. 

I re-painted Brock's room a couple of months ago and I think putting his old shirts on canvases like this would be so great.  He has SO many old shirts from baseball and basketball.  Isn't this a great idea for a boys room?  They are old shirts wrapped around canvases. 

Pinterest is also full of fashion!  Sometimes (OK most of the time!) I feel like I am in a fashion rut.  I always wear dark jeans, a black shirt and flats.  I really like like this outfit.  I am going shopping this weekend and I can't wait!  I really need some new fall/winter clothes. 

Tonight we are going to watch the election results on TV.  I love watching the elections coverage on TV.  Happy election day! 


Michelle said...

I really like that t-shirt idea! Love that last outfit. Glad you are feeling better!