Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election night party

One of my favorite bloggers Dixie Delights  posted some free printables for Election Night.  I thought they were adorable and planned a little family only party for our family of four.  I think it helped them get into the spirit of election night.  I took Ava with me to vote before school and I realized that Brock will be able to vote in the next election! 

I made this red, white and blue drink using a recipe from Dixie Delights.  I was able to snap one picture of it before B and A chugged it down.  They loved the combo of fruit punch, blue gatorade and sprite :)

I put our menu in a little frame.  I ordered pizza and made donkey tails and elephant ears from puff pastry.  They were really good they tasted  a little like funnel cakes from the fair. 
I printed out some info about each of the presidential candidates and we colored the maps red and blue when the results came back.  Since we live in NY the results came back pretty late we went to sleep at 10 so our maps didn't get filled in all the way. 
Brock let me take a picture of him with his map but he said Mom DO NOT tag me on facebook in the picture-ha ha!

More table decorations :)
Ava is learning states and capitals at school and she brought this map home from school so I added it to the table :)

Our little party was a fun way to celebrate election night.  Happy Thursday!


Michelle said...

You are such a good mom! What a fun way to spend election night!

mark lawrence said...

Hey!! Such a fabulous election party. Have never attended such a party. But would like to be a part of them in future. Last week our company had organized an annual meeting at corporate event venues San Francisco. It was awesome and great food was there.