Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our weekend!

Last weekend was busy but fun for our family!

Saturday morning my friend Heidi and I did our last training run for the 15k we are running on Sunday.  We ran 8 miles and it was SOOOOO hot and humid.    As soon as were were done we jumped into her pool to cool off.  It felt heavenly!  I will be SO happy on Sunday morning at about 10am when I am done running this race!

Saturday night I went to the birthday celebrations of two of my friends.  My friend Kacy turned 40 so we had a birthday dinner for her.  We went to a restaurant by the lake and ate on the deck outside.  It was great!
Here are some pictures from the dinner.  I had a giant steak and we shared the carrot cake for dessert.  Yummy!!!
After dinner we met my friend Sara to celebrate her 32 birthday!  Here is a picture of Sara and I from last spring.  I love Sara and I'm so glad that I was able to fit in both parties!

On Sunday Ava, my  MIL Janice and I went to Massachusetts to visit with my SIL Jill and to see my nephew Gabe.  It was fun to see them and to visit with them for a little bit. I love this picture of Ava and Gabe.  He is getting SO big.  We saw him in April and he was barely walking now he is such a big boy.  He loves walking and climbing the stairs.  

Tonight Brock has a baseball game and Ava has a softball game so off we go!