Friday, October 18, 2013

31 days to fitness schedule

I have been seriously slacking in my 31 days to fitness series!  I created a schedule so you can know what to expect from me for this series during the last 1/2 of October.  I have some exciting things to share and I'm happy that I have a schedule to follow which will make posting every day easier for me.  I can't wait to get started writing these posts!

October 19-The importance of water and sleep
October 20-Workout clothes
October 21-Workout shoes
October 22-Online resources
October 23-Couch to 5k program
October 24-Being motivated to run (when you hate it!)
October 25-Choosing your first 5k
October 26-Workout friends/workout group
October 27-Maximum Heart Rate
October 28-Base Training
October 29-Working out at Home
October 30-Kettle bells
October 31-Keeping your motivation to workout!

Happy Friday and I will see you back here tomorrow for tips on water and sleep!