Friday, October 11, 2013

Being organized for your workouts

I think being organized is the key to a good workout. If I  have everything laid out and ready to go I  am more likely to actually work out.  The days I'm unmotivated to work out are the days when I can't find my excercise gear and I feel like it's easier to stay home.  It takes a little time to prepare the night before but it is SO worth it!  

Here are some tips for packing the perfect gym bag

-your tennis shoes
-ponytail holders, hat or headband 
-headphones, iPod
-workout clothes (don't forget your sports bra!)
-water bottle
-towel (if not supplied by your gym)
-gym membership card
-yoga mat,weights, etc.  anything that you need for a workout class 
-magazine/book for elliptical
-inhaler (I use one in the cold weather)

It's also important to have your things laid out for after your workout.  These are some pics from Wed morning.  Wednesdays is a double workout day for me and it's the one day I get ready for work at my gym.  I put my outfit (including jewelry!) on a hanger so it's easy to take to the gym.   I also had to pack my make up bag and blow dryer.  I did all of this the night before so I ready to go to the gym bright and early.  

Another great organizing tip is putting your shoes in the same place after each workout.  Mine go in a big tin basket by our front door.  I would hate to search around for my shoes while trying to get put the front door.   Another tip is to make sure you have your water chilled and ready to go.  I always keep a few water bottles in our fridge for all of us.  It makes grabbing them on the go so easy!
What's your favorite excercise organization tip?

Coming up tomorrow-drinking your water!!