Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was fun at our house.  In the morning the four of us  just stayed in our pj's and opened presents.  It was nice to have a quiet morning at home.

Ava opening one of her presents.  

Brock and me.  I was opening a present with about 15 white frames of different sizes for a wall photo gallery. 

Graig opening one of his gifts. 

Ava REALLY wanted pink uggs for Christmas.  She was SO excited when she opened them up on Christmas morning!  I love this picture. 

This year Graig and I decided that it would be fun to stay at a hotel on Christmas night and then get up and go shopping on the morning of the 26th.  Santa left Brock and Ava money for our shopping trip.  We left for the hotel after lunch.  We stayed in a hotel in Albany and we were one of the only families there.  It was great for us.  We went swimming, ordered room service, went to watch a movie (Little Fockers-it was really funny!), and went out to a late dinner at Denny's (it was one of the only places open).  Special thanks to Grandma Jan who stayed at our house to watch our doggies so we could go :) 

The next day we went shopping and Brock and Ava got to spend their Christmas money.  It was fun for them to get to pick out some things that they wanted.  Graig took Brock and he got a video game, new shoes and an air soft gun.  Brock also wanted to save a lot of his money so that's all he bought.  He is just like Graig when it comes to saving money-ha ha!
I took Ava around and she spent ALL of her money.  She got pink ugg slippers, a rolling backpack and lunch box at Pottery Barn kids, and she made a Build a Bear. 
Santa left Graig and I money too!  I got a new shower curtain, towels, and pictures for my bathroom, a wallet, and some clothes.  Graig bought some dress shoes for work and some clothes.   It was a fun day for all of us!


Janna said...

I'm really jealous of Ava's uggs... It looks like you had a nice Christmas!

Michelle said...

Looks like you all had an amazing Christmas! Miss you!