Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Eve!

For the second year in a row we went with 5 other familes to spend the night in a hotel in our town for New Year's Eve.  It is so hard to know what to do with kids on New Year's Eve so this is something that is fun for all of us!  The kids swim and hang out and all the parents hang out and eat and play games.  It was a really fun night! 

There were 10 parents and 11 kids there this year so it was really crazy!  Brock wasn't with us this year he went to Massachutes for the weekend with his friend Noah and their family.  It was sad not being with him but I know that he had a GREAT time and didn't miss us one bit-ha ha!

I really wanted to get a group shot but it was SO hard so I took a few pictures of the kids in the pool.

Here is Graig with his New Year's Eve hat.  He looks thrilled right?

I am excited for 2011!  I think this year is going to be a great year!


AG said...

That's such a good idea to go to a hotel!

I'm gonna call you later I would love to hang out soon.

Michelle said...

How fun! Glad you had great friends to ring in the new year with!

Janna said...

Happy Birthday Angie. I hope you enjoy your day. I cannot believe we are turning 35 this year!