Monday, January 31, 2011

My favorite paint colors!

Today the Nester is having a favorite paint color party on her blog.  The Nester is my all time favorite home blogger.  If I ever win the lottery I want to hire her to decorate my house.  She has such great taste! I always get such great ideas from reading her blog.  She has a beautiful armiore in her living room that she painted  Halcyon Green.  It was SO pretty so I decided to use that color in my dining room.  I have a lot of rooms painted various shades of khaki and brown-(tobacco road in my living room, behr haze in my office,  behr country club in our bedroom,  behr gobi desert in our upstairs hallway)

It isn't a green color at all it's a robin's egg blue and it's a great color.  I love it because it looks good with so many different colors and  I always get compliments on this room!

I also painted the back of the shelves in our living room with the same color. 

Another color that I love is Behr Promenade which I used in our kitchen.  It's a light sage green color.   This is on the light side which I like because our kitchen is tiny.  This color also looks great with black and white which I  love. 

Happy Monday!!  We are suppose to get 2 big storms this week so I went to the store today to stock up on groceries and movies if we do get snowed in we will be all set :)