Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ballet class

Every Tuesday Ava has ballet.  Usually parent's don't get to watch the class but last Tuesday was watch week so we got to stay and watch Ava.  It was fun to see what they do in class.  Ava dances at home but when we watch her she stops dancing-ha ha! 

There are about 20 little girls in her class and they do bar work and floor work during her class.  I was actually suprised by how much they do in one hour!  They start out at the bar.  Here is Ava at the bar. 

I love this picture of the girls.  Ava is one of the tallest in the class.   I have no idea where she got her height

I love this picture of Ava she looks so serious.  

This is during their floor work. I love her dance class room.  It's in on the 3rd floor of a very old building on our Main Street.  Aren't those beautiful windows?

Another serious picture at the bar.  She is trying to grow out her bangs (thank goodness!  I HATE bangs!) for her recital in May. 

 Mrs. Decker working with Ava.  She is a great ballet teacher!

Happy Tuesday!


Janna said...

I love the pictures of Ava! She looks so old!

AG said...

Ava is beautiful, just like her mom!

BUT you HATE bangs??? My feeling is hurt. haha.

Michelle said...

Ava is so beautiful! She is growing up--she looks a lot like you! Such a mamas girl!