Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coffee table redo #2

Last summer I re-did a coffee table for our living room.  I really liked the way it turned out!  A few weeks ago my friend Sabrina gave me a coffee table for our Sunroom.  It was a honey oak color before I painted it. 
I bought an ebook on redoing furniture from Altar'd furniture.  I am SO glad I did!  That book is full of good information!  I am now on the lookout for other things around our house to re do-ha ha!

I chose a turqoise color from Behr that was suggested in the ebook that I love! I am going to Hobby Lobby this weekend to look for some knobs for the drawers. 

I distressed it using Martha Stewart glaze.  It was so easy to use and I love the way it looks!  You can't mess up glaze! I got the little plant on top at a craft shop in town.  It was with their Easter and spring stuff.  I think it's really cute! I can't wait for spring!

Happy Wednesday!


Janna said...

You did such a good job and I love the color! I've got a half painted coffee table I need to finish.

AG said...

cute. good work. Can you do a coffee table for me?

What about a new desk?


Anonymous said...

It turned our really nice...I want it back now :)