Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baseball, Ice,cream and friends

Tonight Brock had a little league game, usually his team does pretty good but tonight wasn't their night, his team lost 15-0! His team has never lost by that much, it was such a loooooong game because his team was loosing so bad. The other team just kept getting hit after hit. We play again on Friday so hopefully we will win that game.

Brock, Grandma Jan and Cotton after the game
Here is Brock with Marshall, he is the son of our good friends Dan and Jenn. Marshall wanted to come down and watch Brock play. Here is Ava with Marty, Marshall's sister.
Ava is such a mother hen she loves "babysitting" Marshall and Marty

Ava with Marshall

After the baseball game we all went to Dairy Queen.

Here are the 4 of them with their ice cream. Doesn't Brock look thrilled to be in the picture?

I love this picture of Marty, Marshall and Ava

So cute!! I love Marshall's face in this one


Michelle said...

Too cute--looks like you all had some great summer fun.