Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Bees

We have been Soooo BUSY lately I haven't even had a second to post. I will try to catch everyone up on what we have been up to and I'm going to try to start posting again everyday because this blog helps me remember all the fun stuff that we have done as a family. Summer is definitely the busiest time for us.

Last weekend was Ava's dance recital. I wrote about it here. It was such a fun weekend! Ava had a great time and remembered all of her routines. She also got lots of flowers from our friends and family that went to see her she was really happy about getting flowers and being with all of her friends :)

Fast forward to this Saturday I signed Ava up for a cheerleading camp and she loved it!! A few of her friends went so she had a good time hanging out and cheering with them.

The girls in action!! The cheer coach that did the camp asked me if Ava would be interested in being on her competition cheer team next year! I am not sure if Ava is going to do it yet or not but she had a great time at the camp.
Right after the cheer camp Ava and I raced over to the Cast Party for Ava's dance recital. It was so fun hanging out with all the Mom's and kids that we at the party. Here is Ava with some of her dance friends.
Saturday night after a long day of running around and baseball a few of the baseball families got together for a little party. We all had a great time and ate a ton of great food!!
Here are the girls with mojitos, they were so good!

Graig and Ava with his BFF Jim

Graig and Ava with Eric another Little League Coach

Poor Brock, I need to start taking pictures of his baseball games. Usually I am so into the game that I forget to take pictures but he has another game tomorrow night and I will take some pictures of him!!

Happy Tuesday!!