Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everybody dance now!!

We have been so busy everyday this past week with Ava's dance rehearsals for her end of the year show which is next weekend.Yesterday was the dress rehearsal and today I am one sleepy Mama. Her shows are Saturday and Sunday. I am going to work in the dressing room on Saturday helping the girls get ready for their numbers. Ava is so excited because this year she got moved up from the "baby" dressing room to the "middle" dressing room!

Here is Ava before we left home yesterday. Let me tell you I AM NOT a fan of all the make-up, but if the girls don't have it they look so washed out with all of the stage lights. I know it looks so heavy but on stage you can't even tell she has it on. At her shows I will take a picture of her hair, you can't tell it her but she has on a hair piece. I got it at Walgreen's and it clips onto her pony tail, it makes doing her hair so easy!! She loves that fake hair and wore it every where we went over the weekend.

Ava and her friend Gracie. This is Ava's tap costume. I love the lime green!!Ava's ballet costume. This is my favorite one! I love it. Ava's says it's itchy but she loves the crown, a girl after my own heart-ha ha!!All the little ballerinas, Ava is in the back.
I followed Ava around all day like the paparazzi and she was so sick of me taking pictures of her. I know that next weekend during the actual show that it is going to be so busy that I am not going to be able to take pictures, so I wanted to get all my picture taking in this weekend. Anyway, as you can tell Ava is NOT happy that I am taking another picture. This is her jazz costume. Their song is "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and all of the costumes are characters from Wizard of Oz. Here is Ava with the tin man and the lion. Ava is the good witch. Isn't her big crown rockin'? The other girls are on the other side of the stage they are the scarecrow and the bad witch. I will take a picture next weekend of the whole class.

This is 10 seconds later. I asked her dance teacher Jill to be in a picture with the girls. Ava LOVES Jill look how happy she is now!!
Last costume, this is Ava's finale costume. It's really simple and I love the sparkly sash, Ava had to have pink...her favorite color!!

Last night I stayed up until midnight talking to my sister Shelby. She and her husband Ryan just got home from a one week cruise, it was fun talking with her and hearing all about it! Her two favorite things, the amazing FOOD and the LAUNDRY!
My sister does laundry every day and she was so happy they had a washer and dryer on the boat. Seriously, she is obsessed with doing laundry, we all make fun of her for it! She said that a lot of extended families take cruises together so she is going to look into a big family cruise.


Beth said...

so cute! I can't wait until Colleen is old enough for dance! I hope Ava's show goes well!

The Mrs. said...

So cute! Precious!!!! I love your sisters comment about the laundry! HA!

Jill said...

How cute. I love all the costumes, the Wizard of Oz outfits are so cute.