Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This week is production week for Ava's dance recital, which means she has rehearsal every night after school. They run through the whole show show and the practices take about 2-3 hours every night. Tonight we got home after 9pm which is super late for a 7 year old first grader who goes to bed by 8pm every night.
I knew she really needed to take a shower because it's been DAYS since her last shower, the girl hates to bathe. Anyhoo, it's really nasty and rainy out tonight and Ava said she was cold. After her shower this is the outfit she came downstairs in, I thought it looked so funny I had to take some pictures. Those pink things on her legs are legwarmers, she loves them and wants to wear them all the time. She also has on a nightgown that she has had since she was 2, a spring jacket, her soccer shorts, and some fuzzy socks. She cracks me up!


Jill said...

Too Cute! Wow~ 2-3 hours of practice every night, I'd be so tired. She's a trooper.