Tuesday, May 12, 2009

monograms, monograms, monograms

I posted on Saturday about my quick Friday night project, when I bought that monogram I bought a few others to put on different things around our house. They are so easy to put on things, Ava even did one all by herself! I am going to buy some more because they are so pretty and easy. I think I am going to buy some for gifts, they would make great, inexpensive presents for people.

Here's the plate I posted on Friday.This one is my favorite. I got this glass vase for $3 at Wal-Mart. I love how this looks. Ava did this one all by herself!
Ava and I planted herbs over the weekend. I try this every year because I love fresh herbs. My sister Shelby gave me the little plant stakes. Ava and I went to look for flowers yesterday. She saw this patio tomato plant and begged me to get it for her. She loves baby tomatoes. She eats a whole container at a time!! Tomatoes are her favorite food, so I think it will be fun for her to have her own tomato plant to take care of this summer.
I got this windbreaker jacket for Brock at a yard sale. The first yard sales in our area started last weekend, I love yard sales! I got a lot of great things including this jacket.
Brock and I are at home today, he got sent home from school because he's sick. I think he has the stomach bug. Poor thing has been sleeping on the couch all morning.


Jill said...

I LOVE what you've done with your monogram decals. So cute! I'm thinking about ordering some for myself.

Michelle said...

I love that Ava has her own plant to take care of--great idea! Hope Brock is feeling better!

Always Organizing said...

The monograms look great!!!