Sunday, May 17, 2009

What no pictures????

I bet that is what you are thinking, ha ha! I took pictures this weekend but I can't find my camera. This weekend was a blur...we were so busy I hope I remember everything that we did this weekend, so here's a recap

Friday night
-Ava and I went to a dance recital to see her two friends that live by us. The recital was so cute and we sat next to Ava's friend from her dance class. They were so cute talking about all the costumes, and dances.
-Graig and Brock were at the Little League field watching the Friday night game

-I worked at graduation. It was fun seeing all the students one last time before they left. They were so excited and it was a beautiful day so it was perfect for graduation!
-Brock had a Little League game, his team lost :(
-Ava had ballet in the morning and then recital practice in the afternoon
-Brock and Ava both had friends over and Graig played poker with his friends

-we got up early and went shopping for Little League
-Brock had a soccer game, his team lost :(
-Ava had recital practice
-Brock and Ava had friends over
-watching Desperate Housewives final
I felt like we were going non-stop this whole weekend!!
Hopefully I will find my camera soon.
Have a good week!!


Jill said...

Wow~ you had a busy weekend! Have a great week.

Michelle said...

Busy, busy! How was the DH finale? Hope you find your camera--I love seeing your pictures! Did you find the dress yesterday? Shelby