Tuesday, May 19, 2009

no pics part 2

I found my camera today!! It was in my purse, that goes to show that A) my purse is way too big and B) It obviously needs to be cleaned out! I took some pictures today of some cute seashells that I put out for summer! I will show pictures of them tomorrow.

During last nights Little League game Brock was the pitcher. It is fun for me to watch Graig during Brock's games because I can tell he is SO proud of our one and only son. Little League games are fun for all of us but I think Graig likes them the best!

My sister Shelby told me about these great dresses at Wal-Mart. She bought two of them. They are so flattering and they only cost $14! Thanks for the tip Shelby, I bought one in brown.

Happy Tuesday!!


Erin said...

What a cute dress Angie! I was always so leery of shopping at Walmart, but they have some adorable skirts and dresses this year, I bought two great skirts the other day.

Michelle said...

Very cute--I have one in lime green and orange--tropical colors for the cruise!

Jill said...

Ohh... thanks for the tip on the dress. I love comfy, casual dresses in the summer!

Angie said...

Very cute dress and gotta love the price!