Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Food, Food and more food

The last couple of days have not been good for my diet! Yesterday, I took my 4 interns out for lunch to thank them for all of their hard work this semester. They are all graduating next week! We had so much fun working together this semester, I am going to miss all of them!! Here is a picture of all of us at lunch. Here they all are: Eric, Joe, Dani and Tiffanie, I am going to miss them!!
Today we had pizza tasting on campus, we got to try 15 different pizzas and pick out the two that we liked the best, our campus dining halls are picking out a new sauce. What a great job!! My friend Barb and I were the first two people in line for the tasting, everyone was making fun of us-ha ha! It was so fun tasting all all of the pizzas and I am so stuffed!! I am not eating dinner tonight!


Jill said...

A pizza tasting~ that's a dream job!

Michelle said...

Looks like fun!! Wish we had pizza tasting here!