Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ava's birthday weekend 2011!

First of all it was SO beautiful here this weekend so we spent a lot of time outside which was SO nice!  This afternoon I took Ava and 2 of her friends to the park.  I took our dog Daisy with us because she loves walks.  We had such a good time being outside!  Here is Daisy she is SO happy being out in the sunshine!

Saturday was Ava's 9th birthday.  We just had a family day since her party was the day before.  Brock had 2 basketball games so we went and watched his games.   It was the semi finals and finals of the church league that he's been playing in.  His team won the semi final but lost the final game by 1 point! 

To celebrate Ava's birthday  we went out for pizza and wings with Grandpa Larry and Uncle Gary and Anne.  After dinner we took Ava to Wal-Mart so she could spend all of her birthday money on an Ipod touch.  She was SO excited!  She spent every single penny of her birthday money but she's really happy!  She has been playing with my iphone forever I was SO happy to delete all of the apps she downloaded on my phone since she has her own ipod now:)  

She has facetime on her ipod touch so we were able to facetime with my sister Shelby and her husband Ryan last night.  We got to see little Ainsley she is such a sweet baby!  They just moved into a new house so Ryan was able to give Ava and I a tour while Shelby gave Ainsley a bath.  We are going to love staying in touch using facetime!

Here are some of Ava's birthday cards and a sign that I made last year to celebrate her big day!

I also hung some of her cards in our dining room.  She had a great 9th birthday!!  I am so thankful for all of her friends and our family that helped her celebrate!!

We have a busy week ahead!  Brock has baseball tryouts at school this week for the middle school baseball team.  He is also playing in a basketball tournament all week and Graig is a referee in the tournament so Ava and I will be watching lots of basketball games this week.  Have a good week!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you all had a fun weekend! We loved FaceTime with you guys!