Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow Day!!

Yesterday we had a snow day!  Sunday night we got over a foot of snow.  It was so bad even the College where I work closed and that hardly ever happens!  Graig went to work and Brock, Ava and I slept in which was SO nice.  When we got up I decided that we needed to clean out our closets.  When we were done our king size bed was FULL of clothes that needed to be donated!  We also filled up one large garbage bag of things to throw away. 

Ava turned her closet into her American Girl Doll Room.  I will have to show you that in another post.  It's really cute.  She put her doll beds in there and made a TV for them out of construction paper. 

In the afternoon we went over to my friend Sabrina's to work on our ribbon wreaths.  I have made two ribbon wreaths this year one for Valentine's Day and one black and white one for our kitchen.   I get all of my ribbon from etsy at this site.  The ribbon to make one wreath costs about $11 so it's not too expensive. 

Here are the two that I have already made.

Today Sabrina and I worked on our spring ribbon wreaths.  Mine is light pink, dark pink, lime and lilac (the colors in Ava's room :)  I'm going to use it in her room until I want to decorate for spring) and Sabrina's colors were called tutti-fruti she used yellow, green, turquoise, pink, orange, etc.  Her colors were really cute. 

Ava and Eliza eating a little lunch while Sabrina  and I were making our wreaths. 

The ribbon comes packaged like this from etsy.

To make the wreath you need to cut your ribbon into 2-3 inch pieces once you have them all cut out you fold them in half and hot glue them.

Here are a few of my loops.  Once we got them all glued.  We glued them on the wreath form which we got from the Dollar Tree. 

3 hours later here are our finished projects! 

I think they turned out really cute!  (Don't worry Sara and Allison we are still going to work on yours soon!) 
It was a fun afternoon and Ava and I were glad to get out of our house for a few hours to work on these. Even though it feels NOTHING like spring here I am really excited to start decorating for Easter and spring.  I think this wreath will be a fun addition to our decorations. 


AG said...

I can't believe you did this without us!!!


Sara Hammonds said...

Angie, I am not going to forgive you over this! This wreath project was supposed to be special and you have just taken that away from myself and Allison....or mainly me! I won't speak for Allison. How do you plan to make this up to us? And how did you convince Sabrina that it would be okay to go ahead and make your wreaths without us?

Anonymous said...

It was all Angie's idea....

Angie said...

It was all Sabrina's idea she begged me...