Friday, May 27, 2011

Bad Storms

Last night at a little before 10pm we had a REALLY bad thunderstorm.  Graig had just fallen asleep and I was upstairs looking at the weather map on my phone, I knew from the weather map on my phone that the storm was coming toward our town.  All of a sudden the wind started blowing really hard and I told Graig that we needed to go downstairs. There was a lot of thunder, lightening and, of course, rain but the absolute worst part of the storm was the wind.  We had 3 big trees that were blown over. 
This one near our driveway we saw last night.  I loved this tree :( 

When we woke up this morning we  saw that we had two large trees down in our backyard.  These trees were HUGE, I can't believe they were blown over in the storm.  They damaged the fences but I am SO thankful they didn't hit our house or our neighbor's house.

I am also thankful this big tree (I call her Big Bertha) didn't blow down!

A utility pole down the street from us blew over and caught on fire.We watched the fire trucks, police cars and electric company trucks who came to put out the fire.    We lost power all night.  I am SO thankful it's back on this morning. The road is blocked off where the pole is down. 

This morning Graig found our neighbor's shutter in our yard and the big plastic lid to the bin that Brock's paper route papers are put in was found in our neighbor's yard.

Today we are calling our insurance company and Graig and his brother are going to start cleaning up our yard.  I'm going to Brock's last middle school baseball game I can't believe his season is already over!


CBL said...

Yikes!! I'm glad you are all ok and there was no damage to the house. Sorry about the trees. I know how sad that is - when we lived in Otego, the first or second year, we lost a tree down near the entrance of the driveway that was so nice and helped to block the road. Anyway, holy cow, it WAS quite a storm, altough I think it weakened a bit by the time it got to us.

AG said...

I really can't believe how much damage you got there. Chestnut seemed fine. Storms are so random--probably why it's so scary.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you all are ok. I'm sorry about your trees :(.

Sabrina said...

Ugh..that stinks!! You will get it all taken care of, I'm just glad it didn't get the house.