Monday, May 30, 2011

Our weekend!

This weekend was fun, fun, fun!  Since it was a holiday weekend I wanted us to relax and have a good time. 
Friday night after school Brock had his last 8th grade baseball game :(  Graig was at home cleaning up our yard from the storm so Ava and I went to watch.It was a good game and they won!  Their team went 9-0 this season!

Saturday Ava and I and some other friends went to yard sales fro 7:30-2:30pm!  We had such a good time and I got some great things that I'll show later in the week. 

Sunday we went to a Memorial Day party at a co-workers house.  I didn't bring my camera but I wish I did it was a great party!  Our co-worker Karen has the perfect house and yard for an outside party and Ava LOVED swimming!  Sunday evening I took Brock and Ava to a festival and they rode rides for 3 hours straight!  I wanted it to be a family night so I told them they couldn't invite friends.  We ate our weight in cotton candy, kettle corn and taffy. (all of my favorite fair foods!)

They went on this slide about 5 times. 

Doesn't Brock look thrilled!

Today we went to a lake and spent the afternoon in the sun!  It was fun but the water was SO cold!  Brock and I only got in up to our knees but Ava was brave and had a great time in the chilly water!  Brock took his friend George and they were most excited about the snack bar at the lake-ha ha!

I love this picture!  He's finally smiling!

Brock and George

Tonight we got Brook's Chicken and ate dinner as a family. I ate WAY too much!  Brock also played wiffleball and Ava had dance practice.  I cleaned up the house and got  stuff ready for our work and school week. Wednesday night we have High School Orientation Night for Brock.  I can't believe he is going to be in high school in the fall!


Michelle said...

Great pictures--looks like you all had a great weekend and created some family memories! I especially love the fair pictures! Did they ride the bullet? They are brave kiddos!