Monday, May 16, 2011

New York City

This weekend we took a quick trip to NYC!  We decided to go because G started a new job in January and part of his job is coordinating all the summer camps on campus and B will be playing baseball all summer. G got tickets to the Yankee vs. RedSox game on Saturday night so we left Saturday morning and came home on Sunday afternoon.  I forgot my camera so all of these pictures are from my iPhone.  Special thanks to Grandma Jan for staying at our house and watching our dogs so we could go :) 

Saturday afternoon B, A and I went to the Bronx zoo!  It was quite a hike from our hotel in NJ but it was worth the trip!  The animals were amazing!
This picture is SO funny.  Brock  and Ava are SO different.  Ava gets excited over everything (just like me!) and B is much more reserved.  This is right before we went in to the zoo.

The zoo is HUGE we were only there a couple of hours so we decided to go on the monorail to see the African Animals and we also saw the gorilla exhibit.  We were SO close to the gorillas!

Here is a picture of us on the monorail.

After we left the zoo we went to Yankee stadium so Graig  and Brock  could go to the game. 
Here is a picture of them before the game.  Again Brock looks thrilled.  He keeps his excitement on the inside.  I know he was really happy to be going to the game!

Ava and I got on the subway and headed back down to Manhattan.  Our first stop was Anthropologie.  This was a complete surprise and it was close to American Girl (which was suppose to be our first stop).  I could have spent all day in that store but I only had about 30 minutes so I hurriedly looked around and found 3 little gifts for my friends-Sabrina, Allison and Sara. 
We went to American Girl and Ava got her doll's hair done.  Thankfully we got there a little before 8 and the store closed at 9.  It was so quiet in the store we almost had the whole place to ourselves which was nice. 
Isn't this a cute picture.  I love how they strap the dolls in and put a cape on them-ha ha!

Here is a picture with Ava and Kanai the Girl of the Year. I loved this little photo booth they had set up!

After we left American Girl we headed down to Times Square on our way there we stopped by the Today Show Set.  I LOVE the Today show and I plan my morning routine around watching it.  I take a shower before the show starts, watch it starting a 7 and then I  start getting ready during the commercial break at 7:20.  A few years ago I had to go to NYC for work so I went to the Today Show and stood outside with a few of my co-workers.    We were on TV with a banner from our College.  Al Roker came over and talked to us! 

After that we walked to Toys R Us so Ava and I could ride the Ferris Wheel.  We got on the Firetruck car and a really nice couple from Indiana was with us in our car and they took our picture.  After Toys R Us we visited a few more stores in Times Square before we meet G and B at Port Authority to go back to our hotel.  They left the Yankee game in the 8th inning because the Yankees were losing really bad :(

Sunday I didn't take any pictures but we got up swam, got ready and did a little shopping before heading home. 
 I hope you all had a good Monday!


Michelle said...

GREAT pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!

AG said...

you looked so cute for your trip! Loved your outfit. And I totally want to go down to the Today show sometime.