Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our week

This week has flown by in our house!  I am a taxi driver always carting Brock and Ava around to practice, dance, friend's houses, etc. I feel like I'm never home!  I love every minute of it but I feel like I'm always in my car!

This is what we've been up to this week.

Friday night I hosted Bunco!  Everyone brought a bunco prize so at the end of the night everyone went home with a prize!  Here we are all with a Bunco cake made by Allison.

Saturday morning I went jogging with my friend Heidi and fell down!  I skinned up my knees and hands.  I looked at Heidi over my shoulder and tripped on a lip in the sidewalk.  Heidi is an athletic trainer and she thought maybe I broke one of the bones in my hands since it hurt so bad.  I went in for xrays and thankfully nothing was broken!

One of my friends posted this on facebook this week and I love it!!  I am a VERY slow so I can relate to this.  Tomorrow is my 36th birthday!  I used part of my birthday money from my Dad (thanks Dad!) to sign up for a 15k in July.  It's called the Boilermaker and there are 14,000 runners!  I am trying to talk all my friends into running it with me because I think it would be so fun if we all ran together!

Saturday night Allison and I had a craft night.  My idea was to make a valentine swag for our fireplace.I saw this idea on a blog and thought it was so cute.    Anyway, this was my progress.  Thankfully I got on etsy on ordered a valentine swag.  Sometimes it's easier to buy something that someone else made instead of trying to make it yourself. 

Allison saved our craft night and had supplies to make these Valentine's Day frames which turned out really cute! 

This is very random but I found an online typing test and tried it.   It's so addicting! 

Visit the Typing Test and try!
Typing Test Score