Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Like almost everyone I made some New Year's Resolutions on January 1.  I love the start of a new year. I always feel like I have a fresh start to make changes and try some new things with my life.

Last year I actually stuck with my resolution of working out all year.  Now going to the gym and working out is a part of my daily routine.   I love it and I can't imagine my life without working out.   In 2011 I didn't put my resolutions on my blog but I did in 2010 and you can read about them here. 

I thought I would share my 2012 resolutions on here so you can see what they are and so I can hold myself accountable.  I'll give updates on my progress throughout the year so you will know how I'm doing. 

1.  Be a loving wife and mom.  This is my #1 goal this year.  Brock and Ava are growing up WAY too fast  and I feel like they need me now more than ever.  Brock has started high school so he's been adjusting to that huge transition and Ava is 9 and is more independent than ever before. I want to support them and nurture them and guide them through these
 important years.  I also need to support Graig and be a good wife to him.  I am SO crabby and short with him sometimes. I need to work on that this year. 

2.  Eat healthy/write down what I eat  This is always a resolution for me.  I did weight watchers last fall lost about 10 lbs and when I was on WW I wrote down every single thing I ate. I started doing that again on Jan. 1.  It helps me eat better when I know that I have to write it down.  I am going to focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less processed food.  I love diet coke but I'm not going to have it at my house so it will be a treat  when I go out to eat or go to the movies.

3.  Be focused and organized at work  I love my job and have lots of events and projects going on at once so things at work go much smoother if I have a plan. 

4.  Gracious Hostess  I love have get togethers and little parties at home.  I want to do more entertaining at our house this year. 

5.  Faithful friend  I love my friends and I want to make sure that I make time for them this year. I want to support them and be there for them when  they need me.

6.  Don't gossip or be negative  I really thought this would get easier as I got older but I still do this more than I like and I always feel awful after talking about people. 

7.  Blog 4 x per week  I love blogging but sometimes I get so busy it's not a priority.  I want to make sure I blog regularly this year. 

8.  Don't waste $$  I spend a lot of money on clothes, things for our house, eating out etc.  I am going to be more mindful this year about how I spend our money.  Graig and I are going to sit down once a week to talk about our finances so we stay on track. We have financial goals and things we are saving for and we need to be on the same page.

9.  Try Yoga  I am going to go to yoga once a week this year as another way to be healthy and stay in shape.  I've gone twice and it's really hard but I like it so far and I want to learn more about it. 

If you've read this far-thank you! I know it's a long post.  It's a big list but these are the things I want to work on this year.  I wrote these down in my planner about a week ago and I look at them everyday to keep myself focused on my goals for the new year. 


Melany said...

I love your resolutions! I will help hold you accountable by working out with you and enjoying all the friendship you give to me! :) Also - I like the no negativity and gossip one...I strive for that too but sometimes it's hard.

Sabrina said...

That's a long list, but you are determined and will be successful I'm sure!