Friday, January 8, 2010

Show us your life-New Year's Resolutions!!

Happy 2010!  I am SO excited about the new year and what 2010 will bring for me and my family.  We are all happy, healthy and VERY blessed.  I know that 2010 is going to be a great year for our family and of course (like everyone else!) I planned a few new year's resolutions to keep myself on track.

1.  Take the time to spend LOTS of time together as a family this year.  Graig and I both want to do this because Brock and Ava are getting SO big SO fast.  We are going to be the parents of a TEENAGER when Brock turns 13 in August and Ava will be 8 in March!  It seems like yesterday when they were this small

Now they just keep getting bigger and bigger every day

2.  Enjoy spending time with our friends and family.  We are blessed to live so near to Graig's family and I am thankful that Graig's parents are so involved in Brock and Ava's lives!  I also want to go back to Illinois again this year to visit my family.  My Mom is also planning to come out for Ava's first communion in May.  I also want to have our friends over more for dinner and cookouts, it is SO much fun when we do that! 

Ava and Grandma Jan

Ava and Graig with Grandpa Larry and Uncle Garth

My mom and sister Shelby

3.  Like everyone I am trying to lose weight and be healthier in 2010!  I joined a new gym and I have signed up for a few exercise classes each week.  I also want to eat better in 2010, more fruits and vegetables and less fast food and diet coke.  My sister Shelby and I have this same resolution so we have been calling/texting each other every day to keep each other on track!

I think that's it for 2010!  I didn't want to do too many and get overwhelmed-ha ha!  I am trying to start small.  I can't wait to read though and see what other people's new year's resolutions are for 2010. 


Linda said...

Take it from a Mom of a 22 and 19 year happens way too FAST...seems like yesterday I was helping with I'm counting the days until the next time she will be home for a visit from college! My 22 is living at home and working...should be getting that RING any day now:) TIME goes by sooooo FAST...take lots of pictures and do the little things...they will remember them! Hope you have an AWESOME weekend and stay WARM in this COLD weather.


Michelle said...

They are growing up TOO fast! Great resolutions Ang--I would love it if we could get together again this year--maybe a destination family reunion! I worked out last night (great), but I started my work day at 8 am with a diet coke (not so good) :)! Tell B, A, & G hi for us!