Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here is quick update, this past week has been CRAZY busy!  I have been painting our kitchen and our whole house has been a wreck for the longest time!  We are putting our cabinets on tonight and then for the most part our kitchen will be FINISHED!  I am so excited.  The only things that I have left to do is pick out a  new throw rug for in front of our sink and get new kitchen towels.  I also want to get a new countertop.
Here are some quick pictures I took this morning. 

This is the door way leading to our dining room

Next to our microwave

Our display shelf

This is a shot of our side door, I love these new toile curtain. 

Today is Graig's 38th birthday!! We celebrated by going out to dinner on Monday night.  He didn't want a present (like usual-ha ha) so he is going to make an extra mortage payment today as a birthday gift to himself.  Also today our friends Dan and Jenn had a baby boy!  We can't wait to meet him!


AG said...

I love the new kitchen! It looks great!

Janna said...

I think your kitchen looks great! I love the curtains.

Henrique Abrantes said...
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Henrique Abrantes said...
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Anonymous said...

The kitchen looks really nice Angie. You did a lot of work and it payed off. Happy Belated Birthday to Graig. Sabrina

Linda said...

Looking that new curtain too! It feels soooo good to do a makeover in your kitchen...I just did mine:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Pharmacist Erin said...

I LOVE toile! That curtain is beautiful! Great kitchen ... and thanks for the info on the Pioneer cookbook. Think I'm going to buy it soon.

Jill said...

The kitchen looks GREAT. I love all the little details and accessories.