Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kitchen cabinets-Sneak peak!

I have been painting like a mad woman in our kitchen trying to get it done. Graig has been working hard on our hardwood floors and our house still looks like a tornado went though it!

All along I have had my heart set on painting our kitchen cabinets black. I LOVE the color black and I have been slowly (very slowly) painting all of our doors and built ins on our main floor black, our trim is a glossy white. I decided to paint our kitchen a sagey green color (it's called promenade by behr). I had been looking for the perfect green color and I FOUND this color in our basement, I was going to use it in our downstairs bathroom but I never used it!

Anyway, I thought I wanted black cabinets but now I am thinking that I might try white cabinets with a light glaze over them. I am NOT sure which way I want to go black or white, I DO know that I don't want to paint them again so I might wait a few days and finish painting the walls and trim before I move on to the cabinets!

Here is a sneak peak of a little area that is almost done! I got these plates last week at Homegoods; I do know that I want to use some black and blue accents in the kitchen.

Which would you choose black cabinets or white cabinets?


Janna said...

I would use white cabinets. That's just me, but I would be afraid the black would make it look closed in.

Angie said...

Janna I know I am leaning towards the white, I just LOVE black-ha ha!

CBL said...

I like both! The white is a little cookie cutter though, everyone seems to go for white. Black would be unique, but might be hard to pull off in a smaller kitchen. If I had high ceilings and an open floor plan I'd go for black. If I had your kitchen, I'd probably choose white. Goodluck!

Michelle said...

My vote would be for white--I love the green color you chose!

Dana said...

I love black as well. If you accent with your glossy white trim and light pieces, I would choose black! Can't wait to see what you pic :)