Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend update!

We had a busy weekend of painting, moving furniture, hanging up pictures etc and it was SO fun!!  Our living room and sunroom are finally put back together and I LOVE the way both rooms turned out.  The sunroom looks so nice!  Our house has been a total disaster since right around Christmas time because of these room changes
Here is a rundown of what we did:  I will post pictures of our projects later this week!

Living Room (this is where we will spend all of our time)
-This past summer I painted the room Tobacco Road (I LOVE this color!)
-We painted the window trim black and the baseboards white
-We moved our very comfortable sunroom furniture in our living room
-We got a 50 inch flatscreen TV for Christmas from Santa
-We got a large area rug
For our living room we still need to get curtains and I want to get a new screen for our fireplace


-removed the nasty yucky carpet
-Graig redid the  hardwood floors
-I painted the room SW svelte sage
-We painted the window trim black and the baseboards white
-We moved our red living room furniture into this room
For our sunroom we still need to get curtains, an area rug and a little side table or chest to keep games, puzzles, books, etc.

Oh and Brock and Ava had a fun weekend too! 

Ava spent the weekend with our new neighbor Sarah.  Sarah and Ava have known each other for a long time because they go to the same school but Sarah recently moved into our neighborhood and Ava is THRILLED!  They spent the whole weekend going back and forth from her house to our house!

Brock spent the night with Grandma Jan on Saturday night.  They went snow tubing and Brock made Grandma Jan dinner on Saturday night.  They had so much fun together!