Friday, July 24, 2009

Tobacco Road

I am STILL painting, can you believe it?? Really, I am the world's SLOWEST painter and it takes me forever. I have been painting my trim white and the trim around my windows and doors black. I didn't take any pictures yet but I am REALLY liking how it is looking, I think the black and white look good together!!

I told my Mother in law Janice (aka Grandma Jan) about my plans last night and she said it would remind Graig of his childhood. I asked her what she meant and she black and white like the Holstein cows that they had on their dairy farm when Graig was growing up-ha ha!

Today on my lunch break I went and got the paint for my living room and sunroom I have already painted my living room two times since we moved into our house five years ago and I think the sunroom has been painted at least 4 times. I am CONSTANTLY searching for the perfect paint colors and I will be the first one to admit that I am TERRIBLE at picking out paint colors.

A few weeks ago I read the Nester's post about her perfect paint color called Tobacco Road, and I wanted a change in my living room so I am going to give it a try this weekend. The color is a neutral color and Lowe's has the formula that they can look up for you like they did for me today :) The Nester has a picture of the top of her paint can and I took that in to Lowe's too.

Also, on our to do list this weekend is a Little League Tournament, a Craft Show, and Eliza's 1st birthday party!! Eliza is the daughter of Sabrina and Shawn, two of our BFF's

Ok, enough blogging I need to get PAINTING!!! Hopefully I will have some after pictures for you early next week :)