Wednesday, July 29, 2009


That's my middle name! I haven't picked up a paintbrush since Sunday and our living room is a half painted WRECK. I took pictures but I am too embarrased to show them. Here is what I have been doing this week instead of painting:

1. Took Brock and Ava to the pool all afternoon on Monday and Tuesday

2. Made eggplant parm for dinner tonight

3. Made snickerdoodle cookies from my high school cookbook with Ava

4. Looked up our last name on ebay and ordered a book by an author that has our last name. There also used to be a beer that was called our last name I am also bidding on a round beer platter-doesn't every family need one of those?

5. Googled "poker tables" we are thinking of turning our never used sun room into a game room. Graig has poker at our house every Thursday night with his friends and they use our dining room. We are thinking it would be nice if we had a table that could stay up all the time. The one we really like costs $5000 so I don't think we will be buying one anytime soon.

6. Took Brock and Ava to the library to get some more summer reading books. Since I help them pick out books I never have time to really look for myself, I always go to the front shelf were the librarians display books that they recommend. Let me tell you, those librairans never, ever let me down!! I love reading non-fiction books and yesterday I got a book called "Mafia Son", it was so good!! I already finished reading it.

7. Discovered the FUNNIEST blog called cakewrecks. Ava and I were looking at them and this one was my favorite posts about unforunate monograms. I was laughing so hard at SOB and Ava kept asking me what was wrong. I told her that was a bad word, she didn't understand at all why I thought it was so funny-ha ha!

I've got to get to bed, I am going to get up SUPER early to finish my living room painting. Happy Wednesday everyone!!


Jill said...

Oh yum... I love eggplant parm. Sounds like y'all been keeping busy.