Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend!!

Today I started by getting up early and going to work, I was the only one there today and it was so nice!!! I love my co-workers and all the students but it was really great to have the whole day in the office by myself, I got a TON of work done today which was wonderful!!

Graig went golfing with an old friend from high school today and Brock had his golf lesson. Ava hung out with my friend Sabrina and her daughter Eliza. Sabrina was working on stuff for Eliza's first birthday. Eliza's birthday theme is going to be "Pinwheels and Polka Dots." How cute is that going to be? Ava helped Sabrina make some pinwheels today for the party.

This afternoon Graig took Ava to spend the weekend with Grandma Jan. Brock wanted to go see the movie Ice Age so I took him and his friend Thomas to go watch that movie. If you haven't seen it, it's really cute. We really liked it!!

After the movie we went out for pizza and did a little shopping Brock got some new batting gloves which he loves and can't wait to use. I got a couple of new t-shirts and some Bath and Body Works wall flowers. Their wall flowers smell so good!! I have one in almost every room in our house.

Tonight Graig and his friends are having poker night at our house so I went over to Sabrina's to hang out with her sweet little Eliza. Here is a picture of Ava and Eliza from a couple of months ago. Eliza loves her binky's just like Ava did!!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!! We are going to spend the day hanging out at the baseball field because Brock is in a baseball tournament. After the games our friends invited us over to their house to have a cookout and watch the fireworks! I am going to make an Oreo Pie to bring to the cookout. It should be a fun day!


Jill said...

The pinwheel and polka dots theme is darling! What a great idea.

Hope you have a great 4th!

The Mrs. said...

Look at the Ava holding her! So precious!!!