Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Polka dots and pinwheels Eliza's 1st B-day!!

On Sunday we went Eliza's 1st birthday party!! Eliza is my friend Sabrina's baby daughter. Sabrina is such a great party planner, I know that she has been working for weeks to make sure that EVERYTHING for Eliza's party was perfect.

Here is the cake, it was DELICIOUS!!!

Eliza opening her presents with her Mommy's help. I love how all little kids always crowd around to see all of the birthday presents. We got Eliza an American Girl Bitty Baby. Ava was SOOO excited to give it to her (actually she wanted to keep it for herself-ha ha-but we decided Eliza would love it more!)

Sabrina got this cute little party hat and bib off of etsy. It was adorable but Eliza hated it!! At least we got a few pictures of her in it!

Eliza eating her little cake she didn't know what to think of it but I think she liked the icing.

Since it was a "Pinwheels and Polka Dots party" Ava had to wear a polka dot outfit, here she is with two friends, Gabby and Lauren.

I think Eliza's FAVORITE gift was this playhouse from her Grandma and Aunt, here are some girls at the party posing in front of it.

Brock also went to the party but he avoided me the whole time, I don't think he wanted his picture taken. While we were at the party Graig and Daisy took a little nap here is a picture of the two of them that I took right before we left. Daisy looks soooo uncomfortable but she sleeps like that ALL the time. She's a freak!!

I am STILL painting my hot mess of a living room, right now (because of all the painting) our WHOLE house is a wreck. I cannot wait to be finished with this project!! Here is a little sneak peak of the door in our living room.