Thursday, July 23, 2009

The best $15 I ever spent

Last week my friend Heidi and I went to HUGE plant and flower sale and a green house near where we live. The Green house was going to be closing for the season (since we live in upstate NY the flower/planting season is REALLY short), you could fill up your car with plants and flowers for $30!!! We took Heidi's van and filled it to the brim with flowers and plants. I couldn't believe how many plants we got in her car!
We took them back to Heidi's house and split them up and since Heidi's mom watched our kids so we could go we gave her some too! Here is what I brought home, lots of annuals for outside and some ivy for the inside of our house. It took me a couple of days to plant all of these flowers. I am so glad that I went and got some more because I filled in some of my baskets and pots and I added some color to some of my new flower beds around my deck.
What a great deal!!


Katie said...

That is wonderful! Don't you just love great deals!?

Shannon said...

Wow! That is awesome! Plants can be expensive sometimes so getting good deals makes it so much fun. :)