Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas vacation

I am SO exhausted tonight! Graig and I have been busy working on our sunroom because we are updating it a little bit by redoing the hardwood floors and painting the walls and trim.  It's a small room but it's been a BIG project with lots of mess and I can't wait for it to be done!!  I used the nester's svelte sage and I LOVE the color!!  It looks so pretty and I think it looks good with the white and black trim that I have done in the room. 
Right now the room looks like this, it's a HOT MESS!! 

This is part of my wonderful painting job-ha ha!I do love this color and I like the contrast of the black trim around the windows and the white baseboard trim. 

On Christmas eve we went to church and Ava wore the CUTEST dress!  She and her American Girl doll had matching dresses on for church, they were so sweet! 

Here was our tree on Christmas morning after Santa visited!

One of the Christmas presents that Ava got was an American Girl Doll.  She got Chrissa who is the 2009 girl of the year.  Ava has been wanting her all year.

As our family gift we got this big, ugly TV that takes up WAY to much space in our living room.  We all really love it!  Our old TV which is now in Brock's room was Graig's when he was in college, so it was time for a new one!

One of Brock and Ava's gifts this year were new area rugs for their rooms.  We have hardwood floors in their rooms and I didn't want to have carpet installed so these area rugs are perfect, and they were only $110 each! 

Brock got a khaki color and you can also see his "new" entertainment center in this picture that came from our living room.  On Christmas morning Grandma Jan and Graig moved HUGE entertainment center from our living room on the first floor to Brock's bedroom on the second floor.  It was SO heavy and bulky to move. 

Brock also picked out this comforter from Target for his room.  I told him it had to have a little navy blue in it to go with his roman shades and this is what he picked out, I think he did a good job! 

Ava chose a hot pink rug for her room, it makes her room so much more cozy.  I am so happy that we found this pink color!  It is perfect for her room!

They both have been spending SO much more time in their rooms which I LOVE!! 

Tomorrow I am going to an exercise class with my friend and then we are off for a day of shopping!  We hope to find some good after Christmas sales!   On New Year's Eve we are going to a hotel that has an indoor pool/hot tub with 2 other families, we are looking forward to it! 


Michelle said...

Ava looks so precious with her dolls! Love Brock and Ava's room make-overs! Have fun on New Years! Sounds like you all have some fun plans!!

Jill said...

What a great Christmas! I love Ava's Christmas dress and matching doll dress. That is just too cute!