Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Monday!!!

Today has been a BUSY day like all Mondays. I really do enjoy Monday's though because I love starting a new work week and getting Brock and Ava back into their weekly routine. I also like having a big to-do list for the week and every day I do a little until it's all done and then I can enjoy the weekend!!
My to-do list this week includes:
1. Our Christmas cards!!! Our Christmas letter is done but I haven't taken a good picture of Brock and Ava for our Christmas card, I need to get that finished this week
2. Ava's cookie party invitations, I need to get these mailed out ASAP because her Cookie Party is going to be on Sunday from 12-3. Last year she had her first cookie party. You can read about it here. I also need to bake ALL of the cookies for the party. I have a new sugar cookie recipe from Better Homes and Gardens that I want to try so I will post it if the cookies turn out good!!
3. We also need to get our outside lights up! Usually we have them up by now but it's been so cold and nasty here lately we haven't had a chance. Everyone else on our street has them up so we look like the Scrooge house-ha ha!!
I think that's about all but I think that list will keep us busy this week. I want to get a lot done this week because next weekend we have 2 Christmas parties to go to and Ava's cookie party! I LOVE the holidays but we are super busy in December!!


Janna said...

Don't feel bad, we don't have our outside lights up either. I think we'll just forget about it this year!

Michelle said...

Wheew--that is a lot to get done. One day at a time--the cookie party is such a great tradition. I'm baking cookies tonight--wish we lived closer, I could run some over to you all.