Friday, December 4, 2009

Show us your life-Christmas Trees!

Today Kelly is hosting a Show us your life featuring Christmas Trees!!  I love our trees and this year I put them up weekend before Thanksgiving since we were gone Thanksgiving week visiting my family in Illinois.  We have 5 trees in our house!  I go a little overboard with trees but I LOVE them and I think they add so much sparkle and Christmas spirit to our house. 

I don't use real trees (which makes Graig sad because he spent his high school and college years working on a Christmas tree farm!)  because the first year we lived in our house our live tree fell over right on top of Brock!!  Graig was at work so Brock and I threw the tree out the front door and we haven't used a real tree since! BTW, it's REALLY hard to get a good picture of a Christmas tree so I took some with my flash, some without to try to get a good picture :)

Here is our big tree in the living room.  This takes so long to get up every year but I think it looks so pretty when it's all done.  I don't have themed trees I just use lots of different ornaments and lots of different colors.  Whenever we go on vacations or trips I get an ornament so we have all of those ornaments on this tree too.  My favorite ornaments are the ones Brock and Ava have made at school and church!

This is the tree in our office which is right next to our dining room.  We have big windows in there and you can see this tree from the street.  Brock and Ava love colored lights so this tree has covered lights.  We put presents under this tree for our extended family and friends basically everyone who isn't going to be at our house on Christmas morning. 

This is the little tree in our dining room.  This is the LAST tree I take down every year.  I think it's so sweet.  This year I did this tree in a red and green theme. 

Brock and Ava also have trees in their rooms.  Ava has a PINK one and Brock has a navy blue one. I will show you pictures of those next week when they are all decorated!
It will be fun to look through Kelly's blog and see everyone's trees this weekend!


Kristi said...

I don't do real trees either. Our first tree, nearly 20 years ago was a real tree. Out little dog kept barking at it and then we heard something hiss back. Our first tree ended up on our back porch and we have never tried a real tree again. ha! Christmas blessings to you!

aLena said...

LOVE all of your Christmas Trees!!! Especially the ones in Brock's and Ava's rooms ... so BeautifuL!

Your blog header is super CUTE!

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

These are wonderful! We have real trees and love them. My kids have little trees in their room too.