Friday, December 18, 2009

Who does this??

Christmas is a week away and we have a ton of things to do this weekend and tonight after work I decided to start painting our Sunroom!  We are going to move our furniture around in our house because our big family Christmas gift this year is a big flat screen tv.  The couches that I am moving to our sunroom are red and our sunroom is painted red so I need to paint the sunroom before we can move our furniture.  I got one whole section of the room done tonight!  I decided to paint it Svelte Sage which the Nester talked about on her blog. It's a beautiful color not too dark, not too light and I think it will really warm up our Sunroom! I use Behr paint at Home Depot so I went there tonight after work and they were able to match the color exactly!  I got their paint and primer and one and I LOVE it!!  I don't think I will ever go back to regular paint-ever!!

Here is a sample of the color, I will show the room when I am completely done, I hope to finish it up this weekend!

Tomorrow is a busy day Ava and I are going with our neighbors to watch the Nutcracker in the afternoon and then tomorrow evening we have 2 Christmas parties to attend.  The first party is a Cookie exchange it's at my friend's house and it's going to be HUGE, 90 people are coming!  Children are invited so some of those 90 are kids but still that's a TON of people.  After that party we are going to another Christmas party, so it will be a fun filled Saturday before Christmas! 


Janna said...

That is a huge party. 90 people!! Good luck getting your painting done this weekend!

CBL said...

Glad you like the paint with's awesome! We covered "pottery red" with light neutral color and it worked great! I like that sage color very much.